PSE&G's Cool Customer Program

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PSE&G's Cool Customer Program

How does it work?

An experienced PSE&G technician or representative will install a new programmable thermostat in your home, or a cycling switch on your central air conditioning compressor. If summer energy demand in our service area is extremely high, a signal is sent to the thermostat or switch to cycle your central air conditioner on and off at 15 minute intervals. This helps to minimize the impact of high energy demand on the electric system, which maintains the reliability of the electric system and reduces the likelihood of blackouts due to high energy usage.

Note: during cycling, the indoor fan continues to circulate air throughout the home.


Disclaimer: You must be a PSE&G electric customer and have central air conditioning. You may opt out of participation at any time; however, PSE&G reserves the right to recapture any incentives paid if prior to two years of participation. Enrollment in the PSE&G Cool Customer Program is optional. Customers are not required to participate in order to receive safe, adequate, and proper utility service.  

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